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Wanna know something? There’s nothing I enjoy more than photographing the beautiful stages of life and the meaningful chapters for those around me. How special is that? To get to showcase things most normally wouldn’t notice about themselves and show them how magical it truly is!

To think that I’ve been a professional family and wedding photographer in South Florida for over TWELVE years now still baffles me everyday. I LOVE MY JOB! And over the years, I have figured out little things that truly make your session easier that I wish everyone knew – and today I’m letting you in on the secrets!

5 Things I Wish My Clients Knew

1. Let the kids be themselves

Sometimes when you show up to a session, your little one might not be feeling it – and that’s OKAY! It’s normal to feel uneasy in a new environment doing something different. I like to take my time, get to know the babes and let them explore until they feel comfortable and let themselves have fun.

2. You might not get every shot you want.

This is big for weddings – because every day if different. Schedules might be behind, weather might be altered, and the big one.. your wedding day is completely unique to you! We always get the standard shots for sure, but recreating someone else’s photo takes away from your big day and the natural moments we can capture instead.

3. Being on time is super important.

See this image here? We were able to get that pretty, warm golden light for their photos that only exists in the early morning and late afternoons (AKA golden hour). That time frame is short, so being on time means getting the most out of your photo session. Even 15 minutes can make a difference between getting this light!

4. It’s okay to feel awkward.

There are only two kinds of people who feel natural in pictures – models, and people who don’t know they are having their photo taken. Feeling a little nervous is totally normal! Let me relax you and pick prompts that are flattering to you – and I’ll communicate every step of the way. If you look or seem stiff, we’ll try something different. No worries!

5. Location and outfit go hand-in-hand.

Pick your outfit based on your location choice – or vise versa. If we are photographing on the beach, you probably won’t need shoes. If we are using the woods, you may not want heels. Seasonal elements will also effect your clothing. Wear something you will feel comfortable in!

Are you ready to book your session? Reach out to me via my contact form, and we can get started!

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