Why You Should Have A Maternity Session

This season of life is so important for us mommas. That brief moment of waiting for the arrival of your sweet bundle of joy – how heavenly! Even though mine are peaking through middle school now, I still look back at pregnancy fondly and reminisce.

Did you have maternity photos taken before the arrival of your little one? I did for both of mine, and I still have prints from them! Every so often I pull them out and remember those times that we took them.

Why should you have maternity photos taken? Although pregnancy can seem like it drags on forever, it’s actually a short part of our lives. Years later you may not remember what it looked like or how it felt by just trying to reach back in your memory.

Tangible photos help you to really dive into those memories by giving you an accurate visual of what your life looked like at that moment. It’ll take you back to those feelings you felt, the family members there with you, the love between you and your partner.

It could also be a fun moment for your little one to look back on. Imagine your babe through the stages of growing up, as they excitedly flip through an album of photos. They are interestedly asking you questions about how you felt, what they were like as a newborn. What a treat!

A maternity session can be anything you want it to be! Whether just you and your spouse, or soon to be older siblings, a family pet – or even just you. You can use a particular style or vision, and any type of location you want! I always love seeing the things clients come up with.

Ready to start planning your maternity session? Let get it going over on my contact page!


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December 12, 2022



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